I love to shop, draw and write poetry. I live everyday like my last name is a mirror but never a broken glass.. Driving towards the future but never forgettin the past... Events that have led me to this life only no one has caused my pain nor strife... But me.... So I continue to live continue to learn letting these lessons resignate nd burn within me.. I am evolving...

Anonymous said: the poem you did for Gyln was mad beautiful ! the last poem you did (stand up) it was for another event ? but anyways you did really good & you're inspiring me to do something new. I also wanna say that every time i listen to you read them just gives me chills ! it's so amazing ! keep up the goood work !

Thank u

ialwaysthinkblue said: Your Poem was BEAUTIFUL. OMG!!

Thanks how did u see it is there a video

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Anonymous said: aww was Glyn Crying after the poem ? :( it was soo beautiful !

Is there a video up? N thanks

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Anonymous said: Now you got glyn and joo to stop fuckin with alaya. Damn she got to slap her neck one time. Haters *via what glyn said on his blog bout her*

Nobody been stop fucking with her I dnt even mention that bitch name so please stop blowing the grip no one thinking bout her get out my ask box

Anonymous said: Despite you messing up, i think you did a beautiful job on your poem , mirah your such an amazing poet and more :)

Thank u so much this means alot

welcometokenyaa said: That poem you did for glyn at the event was so beautiful and I love your tattoo.

Thank u :)

sxtrillv-deactivated20121115 said: I just wanted to know that what you recited yesterday was beautiful lol c:

Thank u

Anonymous said: how long have you been natural ? & do you have a youtube channel

I never gotta perm in my life n na but I have a YouTube video amirah paint and poetry

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drugsanddonutss said: lols your that pretty girl from Ig

Lol I guess thank u :) drugs n doughnuts

The poem I recited yesterday was for my bro I messed up I was nervous but I started again md ripped that shit whoever doesn’t like it it wasn’t for u n please stop with the fake Erykah badu I look up to her she is a role model and inspiration but I’m not nearly trying to be like her I am amirah nice to meet u

Blow the grip

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